Thursday, 30 July 2009

Earthbound Immortals

Known as Earthbound Gods (jibakushin?) in the Japanese version, Earthbound Immortals are powerful monsters used by the Dark Signers in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. Each of them represents one of the Nazca Lines which, in the anime, are powerful beasts that threatened the world 5000 years ago. When summoned, they absorb souls in order to give them power. Earthbound Immortals are particularly powerful in that they have the ability to attack the player directly and can not be chosen as an attack target, although the anime often introduces scenarios in which they can attack monsters and be attacked themselves. Also in the anime, they are immune to traps that directly effect them. They require a field spell to be active in order to be summoned, and they are destroyed if the field spell is destroyed (in the anime, this simply negates their effects.) There are seven Earthbound Immortal monsters, Uru, Ccapac Apu, Cusillu, Ccarayhua, Aslla Piscu, Chacu Challua and Wiraqocha Rasca

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