Thursday, 30 July 2009


Also known by its full title "Exodia the Forbidden One" (and at one time, the Great Defender of Egypt), Exodia is commonly perceived in the anime and manga as being among the strongest of all Duel Monsters. Although Exodia is typically shown as being summoned and attacking in the anime, its actual effect activates in the hand: players who gather all five Exodia parts in their hand can declare an automatic victory, regardless of Life Points. Exodia is split into a head, and four limbs (two arms and two legs). The story of why and how it was split and sealed is revealed in the final season, when its original master Shimon fragmented it because it was too powerful. However, when Zorc attacked the palace, Shimon released the beast to do battle with him. Although the two traded blows with near-equal power, Exodia lost because it was summoned by Shimon's energy, and thus when Shimon could no longer power it, Exodia was destroyed by Zorc.

Exodia has a few counterpart cards. Exodia Necross, a ghostly, necromantic version of it, which is summoned by the effect of the Spell Card Contract with Exodia. Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord, which is summoned by returning all monsters in the Graveyard to your deck, and when it attacks, you can send any normal monster to the grave from your deck, when all "the Forbidden One" cards are sent to the graveyard by its effect, the player wins the game. And Exxod, Master of the Guard, found it the Structure Deck "Invincible Fortress". However, unlike the other versions of Exodia, Exxod, Master of the Guard is an Earth-attribute monster, rather than a Dark-attribute monster. Exodia is one of the few monsters with an Egyptian appearance, despite the Egyptian theme in Yu-Gi-Oh.

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